Nicaragua could be your next yoga retreat destination!

Originally posted at YogaScapes: 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Nicaragua – Nicaragua could be your next yoga retreat destination!   Northern Nicaragua Yoga, Surf and Service Retreat Coco Loco Resort A community focused eco-resort in northern Nicaragua, you’ll not only find yoga, surf and paradise here, but you’ll also find community.  Coco Loco resort is home to Waves of Hope, a non-profit with a mission of improve the quality of life in their community through strengthening local education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Coco Loco Resort is also home to pro surfer Holly Beck’s women’s surf camp Surf with Amigas, a retreat where adventurous women come together and encourage each other to fulfill their goals, on the board, in the studio and in life.

3 30-Somethings Are Building Up A Community In Nicaragua With ‘Waves Of Hope’

Originally published in the Huffington Post: 3 30-Somethings Are Building Up A Community In Nicaragua With ‘Waves Of Hope’   Many people dream of giving it all up to live on a beach or to help make the world a better place. Earl Cahill managed to do both of those things, all by the age of 36. Cahill, a Kingston, Ont. native, is a co-owner of Nicaragua’s El Coco Loco Eco-Resort, as well as the president of its associated non-profit arm, Waves of Hope. In 2009, he and friends Jamie Collum and Ben Orton opened this vacation spot near Chinandega with one goal: to simplify their lives, while at the same time, working on a project that excited them. The trio had travelled through Guatemala together in 2004 after university, and along the way had unsurprisingly decided they wanted to stay. “We were adventurous and having the time of our...

Changing the lives of Chinandega’s children

Originally published in the Globe and Mail: Changing the lives of Chinandega’s children The donors: Jamie Collum, Ben Orton and Earl Cahill The gift: Creating Waves of Hope The reason: To fund educational and health programs in Nicaragua When Jamie Collum, Ben Orton and Earl Cahill graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2002, they travelled to different parts of the world. A few years later, the friends reunited in Guatemala and spent some time touring Central America. During that trip, they fell in love with Nicaragua and made plans to open a small beach resort near Chinandega, along the country’s west coast. They returned to Canada, drew up a business plan, found jobs and spent several years earning money to pay for the venture. They also decided to start a Canadian charity called Waves of Hope to raise money for children around Chinandega. In 2009, the trio opened El...Continue reading

El Coco Loco Resort, Nicaragua

Originally posted at One Giant Step: El Coco Loco Resort, Nicaragua   It’s the story of a place that often holds the most appeal. Much like my infatuation with the Cave Lodge in Northern Thailand, El Coco Loco drew me in with their story of friendship and commitment to a vision. As three Canadian college boys, Jamie, Earl, and Ben travelled together experiencing the world and dreaming of how their lives might turn out. Unsurprisingly there was more than one conversation that ended with ‘Dudes! We should totally open up a place down here!’. Okay, I’m not exactly quoting them here but I’m pretty sure that’s totally how it happened. 😉 What is surprising is that they actually did it!   El Coco Loco started out as a barebones backpacker stop along the deserted beaches of Nicaragua and has grown into a warm, friendly retreat for both surfers and yogis...Continue reading

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