Mixing ecotourism and charity

  Originally posted at: http://www.uottawa.ca/tabaret/en/content/mixing-ecotourism-and-charity By Linda Scales Published Tuesday December 15, 2015 Their story could be a Disney movie: three handsome lads sharing a dream and achieving it against all odds. Except this is not the Enchanted Forest. It’s northern Nicaragua. Alumni Jamie Collum (BCom ʼ03), Earl Cahill (BSocSc [Criminology] ʼ01) and Ben Orton (who attended the Telfer School of Management) were travelling together through Central America when they fell in love with Nicaragua and wanted to stay. They started making plans to build a backpacker hostel near Chinandega, along northern Nicaragua’s west coast. Today, Collum, Orton and Cahill are the owners and hands-on managers of El Coco Loco Resort, a community-focussed eco-resort located near Chinandega, and founders of the associated Canadian-based charity, Waves of Hope. It’s fair to say that Collum, Orton and Cahill’s early challenges in Nicaragua were immense. To start with, none of them spoke Spanish. ...Continue reading

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