Bmeaningful: Ben Connor. Co-Owner.

Like many of the Purple Sheep we interview, Ben Connor, a co-owner of Coco Loco Resort in Nicaragua, shrugged at the suggestion he had to choose between meaningful work and earning a paycheque. The well travelled Connor joined a group of social entrepreneurs in developing the resort that is deeply embedded in the local community. Not only is Coco Loco Resort the biggest employer in its community, but it also offers its guests the unique experience of volunteering in the community through its Waves of Hope non-profit. Guests get an experience unlike no other and they walkaway with a feeling of accomplishment to take with them on their trip home. WHAT DOES YOUR JOB ENTAIL INCLUDING WHAT A TYPICAL DAY MIGHT BE LIKE?  The role as an owner at Coco Loco Resort can often require dynamic approaches to a multitude of different situations and that can make a typical day not always so typical. Organization,...Continue reading

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