Come and Explore Northern Nicaragua

We offer a variety of activities at Coco Loco for all levels of adventure seekers and only the best make the list!


We encourage all of our guests to spend an afternoon learning about our community and our non-profit Waves of Hope.

Baby Sea Turtles

From September to January each year, many of our guests have the opportunity to participate in the release of baby sea turtles from our Waves of Hope Sea Turtle Conservation project.

Mangrove SUP Tour

Cruise with the tide from the ‘finca’ to where the mangrove forest meets the ocean — and maybe try a little yoga along the way! Kayaks are also available.

Volcano Boarding

Ranked #2 by CNN for International Thrill Seeker’s Adventures — it is hard to come to Nicaragua and not try this at least once.

Salsa Night @ PLV

Every Thursday our friends at Pasta La Vista host ‘Salsa Night’! Enjoy some free dance lessons, meet some new friends and spend a night getting loose!


Enjoy a sixty minute post-surf massage with one of our local therapists in one of beach-front therapy huts.

Chocolate Making Workshop

This is a ‘Bean to Bar’ workshop where we teach you how to turn raw cacao beans into delicious and healthy little chocolate treats!

Beach Horseback Riding

Break out your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) for a beach sunset horseback riding tour. You can choose your own pace but these horses would love to take you for a run if you are up for it!

Volcan Cosiguiña

Volcano Cosiguina has been dormant for over 150 years after a massive explosion that rocked Central America. This is the longest hike we offer but the view from the top is incredible! You will have the opportunity to peer into both El Salvador and Honduras from the crater’s edge.

Volcan Telica

Telica is one of the wildest and most active of Nicaragua’s many volcanoes. You can hike up to the crater’s edge with our experienced guides and peer down into the crater below to see the churning lava!

Flor de Caña Rum Tour

Located only an hour’s drive from Coco Loco, visit the factory of the world’s most award winning rum – Flor de Caña!


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