At Coco Loco, we believe that the best surfer in the water is always the one that is having the most fun! We are spoiled up here in north Nica with great waves for all levels and small mellow crowds throughout the year.

We are located only a short 10 minute walk from Nahualapa Bay — a gentle sandy bottom bay that features lefts, rights and an A-Frame through the middle. This wave is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers looking to take the next step forward in their surfing. For those looking for a little more power in their waves, Nica’s most famous ‘tubo’ the Boom is a 15 minute drive from us and we have plenty of other waves in the area to share.

The Bay

Nahualapa Bay is becoming one of the most popular surf spots in north Nica but on most days you will still only see fifteen to twenty people in the water. The sandy-bottom Bay offers a right, a left and an A-Frame that breaks through the middle. This is the perfect spot for beginner and intermediate surfers to fine tune their skills.

Fun ones

Coco Loco Point

Located just out front from our Beach House, Coco Loco Point is a peeling left hand reef break that works on medium to large swells. This is a great wave for intermediate surfers to work on refining their turn game and the odd barrel section can be found here as well.

The Boom

The Boom is the premier wave in the area and in all of Nicaragua. It is a hollow beach break located about fifteen minutes drive from us. Surfer Magazine recently featured it as one of the best places in the world to learn to get barreled.

A Frame

The Island

A short boat trip from Coco Loco, the Island is a swell magnet that offers a left reef break that can hold up to double overhead in size. The wave breaks off the corner of the island and offers long walled up rides with barrel sections in big conditions.


Surf in Nicaragua

Surfer's Getaway Package

Hosted by Coco Loco Eco-Resort

Pricing begins at $1050 USD

Surf in Nicaragua

Surf, Yoga & Adventure Retreat

Hosted by Coco Loco Eco-Resort

Pricing begins at $1235 USD

Certified Surf Instructor in Nicaragua
Francisco Mendez
Surf Instructor 

A Level 1 Certified Surf Instructor, Francisco has been surfing Coco Loco point for years. He is a great teacher for all levels and when he is not in the water you will find him in our kitchen creating something special for your dinner.

Surf teacher in Nicaragua
Oscar Juarez
Surf Instructor

‘Papa Oso’, as he is locally known, is an incredible surfer and specializes in beginner and intermediate surf coaching and is also one of the top surf guides in the area. Oscar is also a Level 1 Certified ISA Surf Instructor.



Do you have off-shore winds all day?
No. We are outside of the off-shore all day zone but we do receive off-shore winds almost every morning typically until 11 or 12. In the green season we are more likely to receive off-shore winds during the afternoon as well, especially if a storm system rolls through mid-afternoon.

Do you rent surf boards?
Yes, we have a wide variety of boards available for rent in all shapes and sizes for all levels of surfers. Board rentals are $20 per day or $120 per week.

Do you offer surf lessons or guiding?
Yes, we work with both local and international ISA Certified surf instructors. Group lessons and individual lessons are available upon request. Rates vary accordingly.

Are the waves within walking distance?
Yes we have a few waves very close to Coco Loco and there are a variety of other waves that are all accessible either by vehicle or boat close-by.

What tides are the best for the local waves?
Most of the waves in the area work best at mid-high tide levels but there are waves for all tides in the area and we always do our best to find the best location each day based on the conditions.

When is the best time of year to surf?
We can surf about 300 days a year in northern Nica. The prime season for tourism is from November to April as you are pretty much guaranteed 7 days of sunshine and waves but if you want the bigger waves you should plan to visit during the ‘green season’ between April and October.


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