Yoga at Coco Loco

At Coco Loco we host yoga retreats and trainings all year-round with incredible yogis, healers and wellness advocates. We also have two full time teachers living here as part of our family who offer daily classes to our Coco Loco community. We invite you to join us here to deepen your practice, recharge your soul and reconnect with yourself.

Meet Our In-House Yoga Instructors


Nikki Collum

Nikki is our resident barefoot yogi, moon lover and healthy living guru! She teaches a mellow blend of hatha, yin and restorative classes.


Christine Orton

Fueled by tea and soulful things, Christine teaches a vinyasa style flow that can be either power-based or more mellow depending on your needs.

Host a Retreat With Us!

Our mission is to provide a retreat space for you to create an authentic, unique and unforgettable experience.

Let us help you build the retreat of your dreams for you and your students!


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